You have reached the land of  Road Crosses.

This is the new site of a non-exhaustive inventory of the small religious heritage (Crosses, Crucifixes, Calvaries, Our Lady, Sacred-Heart, Holy-Family, Saints …) you can see along our roads, mainly in the Vineyards Nantais around Vallet, capital of Muscadet, and just wherever my feet took me.

Blason ville fr Vallet (Loire-Atlantique)

Good virtual tour.

 All photos (+ 800) are there in this list to the right (by the 44 cantons and departments andcountries), and I said 10-15, about every week, so feel free to come back from time to time,regularly …>>>>

Any request, comment, criticism … is welcome, read and be the object of great interest in the shortest possible time.

 (almost) All explanations you’re looking for are (in French) in the header menu bar.

For donations of photos, see « Credits » page, thank you.

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